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The New Jersey Metro fire Photographers Association

     The NJMFPA is made up of over 100 members from all aspects of the emergency services fields.  We have police officers, firemen, EMS workers, dispatchers, and plenty of firebuffs.  We are one of the largest active fire photography associations on the East Coast, and our national associate membership base stretches as far as Chicago, Louisiana, Florida, and overseas to England.  We hold monthlymeetings, usually on the third Sunday of each month, at various firehouse locations in the Bergen, Passaic, and Essex county regions of New Jersey.  Guests and visiting buffs are always welcome to attend a meeting.  Additionally, we organize several trips to visit brother firemen in other states during the course of the year.


New Jersey is known in the fire buff world as a state where the fire load is heavy, and the potential fire load is plentiful, and an abundance of apparatus of all sizes and styles. New Jersey also has a dense population of fire buffs throughout its cities and towns.

In late 1984, Rich Wolfson, a volunteer firefighter in Garfield, NJ, and a buff, decided to try to organize the buffs in New Jersey with one common interest that involves the many facets of fire photography. Rich began asking around the state if they would be interested in organizing a photo club. In March 1985, the first meeting was held at Garfield Co. 1's quarters. A large turn out of buffs began to exchange ideas and show each other photos and slides. A decision was made to form a club and the name "New Jersey Metro Fire Photographers Association" was adopted.

In the over 20 years of its existence, the NJMFPA has grown from an original membership of twelve, to a present count of over ONE HUNDRED members and growing. The membership includes volunteer and career firefighters, police officers, dispatchers, fire service magazine staff writers, and buffs, all with the same common interest of fire photography. As the number of members has grown, so has the photographic ability of the members improved, to a point where now, rarely does a issue of a major fire service publication come out without a photo or article by one of our members in it.

Once a year the NJMFPA holds it's annual photo night. Members, friends, and buffs from all over the country (and occasionally from other countries) meet in Northern New Jersey to watch slide programs from members, meet friends, and make new friends. The NJMFPA Annual Valor Award is awarded on this night to a NJ firefighter that made a rescue during the previous year. The highlight of every photo night is the NJMFPA slide program, put together by Rich Wolfson. With the use of music and dissolve units, it never fails to bring out a full range of emotions from the audience. (This slide program was part of the opening ceremonies at the Firehouse Magazine Expo in Baltimore a few years ago) Raffles are held, food is served, and a great time is always had by all.

The Straight Tip newsletter

The NJMFPA publishes a monthly newsletter called "The Straight Tip" . Each issue contains apparatus information, multiple alarm lists for N.J. and FDNY, fire reports, and photos of fires and apparatus in the metro New Jersey area, including New York City. Twelve monthly issues only cost $15.00 for subscribers.  All regular and associate members receive the newsletter as part of their annual dues.  Check the other pages in this web site and sign up to receive a free copy of The Straight Tip with a subscription form.

Association Officers

President: Brian Sheppard

Vice President: Scott Wentworth

Corresponding Secretary: Michael T Shaffer

Recording Secretary: JP Fortunato, III


Sgt. At Arms: Christopher Torello

Trustees:  John Malool

                Willie Cirone

                       Paul Stabile

Committee Chairs

Apparatus Shoots: Michael  T. Shaffer

ByLaws: Carol Candeloro

Membership: Keith Nicoliello


Photo Night: JP Fortunato, III

Radio System: Bill Tompkins

Trips & Events:

Website: JP Fortunato, III

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